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Harlan Ellison's Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes

Then it unrolled for Kostner. The past unrolled and he saw who he was. He saw himself alone. Always alone. As a child, born to kind and warm parents who hadn’t the vaguest notion of who he was, what he wanted to be, where his talents lay. So he had run off, when he was in his teens, and alone always alone on the road. For years and months and days and hours, with no one. Casual friendships, based on food, or sex, or artificial similarities. But no one to whom he could cleave, and cling, and belong. It was that way till Susie, and with her he had found light. He had discovered the scents and aromas of a spring that was eternally one day away. He had laughed, really laughed, and known with her it would at last be all right. So he had poured all of himself into her, giving her everything; all his hopes, his secret thoughts, his tender dreams; and she had taken them, taken him, all of him, and he had known for the first time what it was to have a place to live, to have a home in someone’s heart. It was all the silly and gentle things he laughed at in other people, but for him it was breathing deeply of wonder.
He had stayed with her for a long time, and had supported her, supported her son from the first marriage,. the marriage Susie never talked about. And then one day, he had come back, as Susie had always known he would. He was a dark creature of ruthless habits and vicious nature, but she had been his woman, all along, and Kostner realized he had been used as a stop-gap, as a bill-payer till her wandering terror came home to nest. Then she had asked him to leave. Broke, and tapped out in all the silent inner ways a man can be drained, he had left, without even a fight, for all the fight had been leached out of him. He had left, and wandered west, and finally come to Las Vegas, where he had hit bottom. And found Maggie. In a dream, with blue eyes, he had found Maggie.
I want you to belong to me. I love you. Her truth was vibrant in Kostner’s mind. She was his, at last someone who was special, was his.
“Can I trust you? I’ve never been able to trust anyone before. Women, never. But I need someone. I really need someone.”
It’s me, always. Forever. You can trust me.
And she came to him, fully. Her body was a declaration of truth and trust such as no other Kostner had ever known before. She met him on a windswept plain of thought, and he made love to her more completely than he had known any passion before. She joined with him, entered him, mingled with his blood and his thought and his frustration, and he came away clean, filled with glory.
“Yes. I can trust you. I want you. I’m yours, he whispered to her, when they lay side by side in a dream nowhere of mist and soundlessness. “I’m yours.”
She smiled, a woman‘s smile of belief in her man; a smile of trust and deliverance. And Kostner woke up.

Harlan Ellison, Pretty Maggie Moneyeyes

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  1. Uauh!
    SI leerlo en inglés –aunque me ha costado– me ha resultado un espléndido texto, no quiero saber lo que puede ser leerlo en castellano, desmenuzando cada palabra. Tiene mucha fuerza.

    Es el mismo que el de "gritar-sin-boca"? Ya sabes… XD

  2. Sí, es un fragmento del último relato del libro.

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